Scientific Research

An integral part of the activities of the Ukrainian Research Center of Children’s and Youth Literature is the creation of professional scientific dialogue in the field of children's and youth literature. This important area, declared in the Constitution of the Centre, consolidates Ukrainian scientists and directs them to thorough and multiaspect studying of literary works for children and youth.

According to the President of the URCCYL Uliana Baran, children's literature needs to be bringing out of the periphery into the "bright present", a new attitude towards it as a distinctive cultural phenomenon must be formed. The implementation of these objectives is possible through the deployment of the scientific research work at the appropriate level and through the development of literary criticism based on literary works actual for the modern young reader.

Therefore, in the framework of its activities the Centre cooperates with leading Ukrainian research and educational institutions and organizations for actualization of scientific and critical reflection about literature for children and youth.

Regular partners of the URCCYL are:

  • Western Scientific Center NASU
  • Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
  • Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University
  • International University of Economics and Humanities named after Stepan Demianchuk
  • Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences of National University "Lviv Polytechnic"
  • Ukrainian Academy of Printing
  • Laboratory of Literary Education of Institute of Pedagogy of NAPS of Ukraine
  • Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University and others.

The publication of Centre's own professional periodicals "Literature. Children. Time. Journal of Ukrainian Research Center of Children and Youth Literature" promotes the formation of a broad professional dialogue, directed to the development of scientific discourse on the problems of children’s literature. The Journal provides scientists with a platform for lighting the results of their research and interpersonal professional communication. Now Centre's Journal has four issues (2011-2013) and is published in agreement with the publishing house "Veselka" as a continuation of a series of annual anthologies of "Literature. Children. Time" that came out during the 1976-1980. This fact demonstrates the desire of the Center to support the continuity of generations of scientists and the tradition of research of children’s literature by Ukrainian literary criticism, at the same time it promotes the studying of this phenomenon among modern researchers.

Published in the Journal articles of leading Ukrainian experts (literary scholars, critics, educators, psychologists, publishers, translators) represent the multiplicity of studying of literature for children and youth.

In particular,

Natalia Marchenko, Omiliia Ohar, Mariana Savka
study socio-cultural context of children's book;

Inna Bereza, Olha Buduhai, Maryna Vardanian, Evgeniya Kanchura, Tetiana Kachak, Vitalina Kyzylova, Larysa Kutsa, Larysa Lebedivna, Liliia Ovdiichuk, Oksana Panko, Halyna Sabat, Halyna Tkachuk, Marta Khorob, Oksana Tsalapova, Tetiana Shcherbachenko and others
analyze Ukrainian and foreign literature for children and youth in the context of different literary approaches;

Ulyana Baran, Valentyna Vzdulska, Kateryna Zaitseva, Oksana Lushchevska, Bohdana Saliuk and others
use the interdisciplinary approaches in the analysis of children's literature.

The methods of teaching of literary works in the educational establishments of different levels are elucidated in the works of
Valentyna Bratko, Svitlana Vasiuta, Tetiana Kachak, Larysa Krul, Nataliia Lohvynenko, Liliia Ovdiichuk and others.

Tetiana Kachak, Nataliia Marchenko, Lidiia Matsevko-Bekerska, Olesia Slyzhuk, Hanna Tokman, Nataliia Trokhym, Borys Shalahinov and others
appeal to the problems of literary education and the phenomenon of children's reading.

In addition to articles in periodicals, members of the Centre
publish a thorough literary and methodological works (monographs, textbooks, handbook, etc.), which are devoted to the study of literature for children and youth,in particular:

  • Качак Т., Круль Л. Зарубіжна література для дітей : підручник / Т. Качак, Л. Круль. – К. : Академвидав, 2014. – 416 с.

  • Марченко Н. Володимир Рутківський : тексти долі : біографічний нарис / Н. Марченко. – Тернопіль : Навчальна книга – Богдан, 2014. – 432 с.

  • Качак Т. Література для дітей і дитяче читання у контексті сучасної літературної освіти : збірник науково-методичних статей / Т. Качак. – Івано-Франківськ : Тіповіт, 2013. – 132 с.

  • Кизилова В. Художня специфіка української прози для дітей та юнацтва другої половини ХХ століття : монографія. – Луганськ : Вид-во ДЗ «ЛНУ імені Тараса Шевченка, 2013. – 399 с.

  • Салюк Б. Perpetuum mobile дитячої літератури : типологія традиційних образів дитини-бешкетника : монографія / Б. Салюк. – Донецьк : ЛАНДОН-ХХІ, 2013. – 216 с.

In 2014 doctorate thesis "Genre and stylistic evolution of prose for children and youth in the second half of XX century" by Vitalina Kyzylova was defended, along with the doctorate thesis "Fairy tales by Ivan Franko as aesthetic-poetically system" (2009) by Galina Sabatit confirms the capability and productivity of the research of literature for children and youth at the highest academic standards.

Therefore, productive scientific research activity of the URCCYL is directed at support of sustainable development dynamics of research of literature for children and youth, while expanding the range of scientific approaches and popularizing this process among modern Ukrainian scientists.

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