Reading club

As а part of social project "All of Ukraine reads to kids" the Ukrainian Research Center of Children’s and Youth Literature in collaboration with other NGOs (MO "Dzyga", NGO "European home", NGO "Hillel" and others) have tested such ways of promoting reading like

  • "Commedia delpARTa" (ImproTheatre)
  • "Festivals’ Library"
  • "Family Reading Club"
  • TV show "Let’s read together! "(TRC "Tisa-1")
  • "Creative Reading"
  • "Winter Readings - Kramators'k" (Donbas)
  • "Around the book" (in Bookstore "E").

Youth volunteer scouts organized and conducted a poll among their peers (13-16-year-old young people) in all schools of Lviv. The survey clearly confirmed that if children read today, that is mainly due to the school curriculum, which is still mandatory. They named mostly classic world writers. Modern authors aren’t very popular.

Ukraine, which is a big country with a multicultural world both internal and external, with the old family tradition, where the most important place is given to the child, should develop its own methods today to promote reading and books. Direct tracing programs supporting reading from any other country will be ineffective. Sharing experiences, observations, discussions and visions from the partners like “All of Poland reads to kids”,  “All of Czech reads to kids” or Stiftung Lesen (Germany) are necessary for Ukraine. “All of Ukraine reads to kids” is looking for all possible tools to make it possible to develop the reading culture in the whole Ukraine. Especially today it is very necessary, because of very difficult political, economic, psychological and emotional situation, caused by outsider occupants. While parents are downloaded by the whole negative information, coming from the Medias and the realities of all-day-real-life-survival, children are also suffering. I suppose, today, all the psychotherapists from over the world would not be able to help all these people. But maybe only a good book, a good story read to Ukrainian kids before they go to sleep could help to save the healthy nervous system and mental health psycho-state of the young generation of Ukrainians and make them feel still happy.

Golden list of recommended books