Socio-cultural project "All of Ukraine Reads to Kids"

"All of Ukraine Reads to Kids" is the socio-cultural project of the Ukrainian Research Centre of Children and Youth Literature, and its aim is to change our Ukrainian future.

We begin with adults whom we primarily address our main message:

Read to your child 20 minutes every day!

The book is an important cause of forming your child’s personality, and here the most important role is certainly played by parents. Parents who read to their children at least 20 minutes every day fix warm relationships with them for ever. Ukrainian children especially nowadays need warmth, love, sense of security and mutual confidence in modern tragic realities of the region. And reading a good story definitely will provide children with a restful sleep, balance the nervous system and will lead to fantasies into beautiful worlds, worlds with parents, relatives and friends.

Socio-cultural project "All of Ukraine Reads to Kids" primarily involves understanding of such processes:

  • As soon as the kids started to talk, you can teach them to read. They will happily repeat after the trusted person (parents, kindergarten teachers, etc).
  • As soon as children have learned the alphabet, they should read further only of their own free will, and not under duress. If the child does not like reading, but likes hearing fairy tales or stories, you can read aloud to him/her.
  • You have to read to children both in the secondary school and even if they can already read themselves very well.
  • Children should not be forced to read if they don't want to read.
  • Adults should be forced to read to children every day. In the context of school education we propose to introduce a technique of loud teachers’ reading texts, fragments, poetry to students in the classroom and to allocate for this purpose at least 20 min.
  • Understanding the intentions of works, discussion of main ideas and interesting events from the life of writers are much more important and easier to remember than routine learning standard biographical descriptions and retelling.
  • Adults must assist children in communication, particularly through literature, also to prepare for future adulthood. Teachers should not avoid talking about contemporary fiction, screen adaptation of literary works, and discussing uncomfortable topics.
  • Adult generation has no right to judge the youth for what they read is "wrong thing" or in "wrong way" (most of students read a book per week by downloading it into their e-books).
  • Also we need to freely relate to the understanding of the Reading process, which should not be "fashion" but "normality" for the modern civilized person. Because Reading as a concept is actually very extensive and multifaceted. It is not limited to reading letters on a page, according to Alberto Manguel in his A History of Reading:

    "The astronomer who reads ancient map of the starry sky, which today looks quite different;

    Japanese architect who reads the land where the house will be built to protect him from evil forces;

    The zoologist who reads animal steps in the wood;

    The cards player who reads facial expression of his partner before making victorious move;

    The dancer who reads the instructions of the choreographer and the audience that reads movements of this dancer;

    The mistress who reads the difficult pattern of the future carpet;

    The organist who reads recorded on the page music;

    The mother who reads the face of her child in search of joy, fear or curiosity... – all of them has the gift of understanding signs"

    (Alberto Manguel. A History of Readin).

The understanding of signs is something that is inherent to the Reader. It is the Reader able to re-read himself and the world around. We all read by our human nature everything around us and within us in order to understand or at least get closer to some understanding of the world.

Parents first of all open this world to children. And only through them this world comes to the child.

The Ukrainian Research Centre of Children and Youth Literature adopted the idea from Irena Kozhminska, President of the Foundation "All of Poland Reads to Kids", who proposed to unite into the project "All of Europe Reads to Kids". Until this initiative URCCYL has already had the experience of implementation in addition to scientific activities also advertising projects as:

Since 2013 the Ukrainian Research Centre of Children and Youth Literature is approving itself in different mini promotion projects:

  • Stage reading "Commedia delpARTa" (ImproTheatre). Coordinator – Olha Dovhan-Levitska according to the methodology by Martina Ducqué, expert of the “Stiftung Lesen” from Germany and also the guest of the URCCYL, with the participation of writers and theatergoers, actors of the URCCYL.

  • Festival mini-libraries under the open sky in the framework of the festival "Franko. Mission" (2013) in collaboration with the MO "Dzyga" in Popovychi and Nahuievychi (three days in each village). During these six days the children from the surrounding villages had the opportunity to use the books that Center brought. Natalia Trochym managed the work of the children's festival mini-libraries and Olha Dovhan-Levitska managed children's acting performances and theatrical reading. We have the experience of organization of children's playgrounds with festival mini-libraries under the open sky since 2007-2008, since the "Baby Garden Open Air" within the Ethno-festival "Pidkamin".

  • Since November 2013 in collaboration with the children's writer Halyna Malyk we began a special TV show "Let’s read together!" (TRC "Tisa-1") in the framework of the project "All of Ukraine Reads to Kids".

  • In Lviv together with Iryna Kontsevych (the head of the "European house") we founded the "Family Reading Club" where parents with children gathered and read together good books every week (before Maidan).

  • From the beginning of the 2015 the Youth Volunteers' Corps in Lviv region (coordinator –Myroslav Vovk (NSOU "Plast") in the framework of the socio-cultural project "All of Ukraine Reads to Kids" organized the literary reading "Around the book" among teenagers (14-16 years). Reading and discussion of teenagers’ favorite books occurs regularly in the bookstore "Є", which together with the student cultural club "Hillel" and the NSOU "Plast" is the organizational and informational partner of the project "All of Ukraine Reads to Kids" in Lviv.

  • In Kramatorsk the School readings "Winter/Summer­ Readings – 2015" occurred under the organization and coordination of Oksana Proselkova, teacher of Ukrainian language and literature, member of the Ukrainian Research Centre of Children and Youth Literature.

  • In the Zhytomyr region the promotion of the socio-cultural project "All of Ukraine Reads to Kids" was supported and implemented by Evgeniya Kanchura, the member of the URCCYL, Candidate of Philological Sciences.

  • In Ternopil the presentation of the Project with the participation of Marina Kotenko and Iryna Matsko took place on the TV show "Mother's school". Also the organization of annual literary festival for children "DYVOKRAY" in cooperation with the NGO "Koza" is planned.

  • Ivano-Frankivsk met the Project with full media support due to the organization of Tetiana Kachak, the Chief of the Ivano-Frankivsk department of the URCCYL, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, and the Deputy Director of the Pedagogical Institute of "Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University".

  • Kiev makes the information support of the socio-cultural project "All of Ukraine Reads to Kids" thanks to long-term friendly cooperation with the URCCYL in the area of development and support of the Ukrainian book for children:

Uliana Baran,
President of the Ukrainian Research Center
of Children’s and Youth Literature

Welcome to our initiative!
Uliana Baran, President of the Ukrainian Research Center of Children’s and Youth Literature
And help us! The development of the Project THROUGHOUT Ukraine needs some funds. Thank you!
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