Creative reading

“Creative reading” was a literary-artistic project which took place in Ukraine from 2010 to 2011 and was aimed at literature promotion among children and teenagers at the age from 6 to 12.
The project consisted of book illustration workshops during which children were drawing, painting, reading and discussing books.
The long-term goal of “Creative reading” was to encourage children to read books and to treat reading as an interesting and beneficial activity.

Workshops were conducted in the book-store Ye in Lviv and Ternopil, in the main children’s libraries of Lviv and in the Museum of the Printed Book in Kiev. The workshops were discussed on TV (the programme “Vzhe ranok”) and at the National Assembly of Librarians organized by “KLUCH”, at the festivals “Shturmovi zahony Gutenberga” and “Azbukove korolivstvo mahiv i janholiv” in Kyev and “Book Forum” in Lviv.

People who took part in workshop preparing and conducting are:

a coordinator of the project, a writer:
Halyna Pavlyshyn;

book illustrators, painters, designers
Viktoria Kovalchuk, Svetlana Chernysheva, Nata Jur, Alla Galimurka, Volodymyr Steckovych, Julia Kustmida, Stitlana Balukh, Pavlo Gvozdecky, Jaryna Dubas, Olena Andronatiy, Natalia Koreshniak, Anna Malceva, Olena Mykula, Iryna Hetman, Ustyna Kucyna etc;

writers and poets:
Marianna Savka, Halyna Kruk, Natalia Maletych, Zoriana Zhyvka, Bohdan Kril, Nadia Repeta, Kateryna Jegorushkina, etc;

art and literature scholars:
Ulyana Baran, Halyna Lystvak, Andriy Pavlyshyn, Olena Piga, Halyna Trush.

Partners of the project:

book-store “Ye”, student club “Hillel”, the Lviv Central Library for Children, Lviv TV, publishing house “Stary Lev”, publishing house “Grani-T”, publishing house “Bratske”

Summing up, during the period of two years we have organized and conducted more than 30 workshops of book illustration in different Ukrainian towns. We have discussed more than 30 poems, short stories, novellas and novels written by classic and contemporary authors as well as fairytales from different parts of the worlds. The participants of the workshops created hundreds of drawings, paintings, colleagues and two art-books

The important impact of the project is that since 2011 workshops of book illustration have become a popular form for children’s book presentations in Ukraine.

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