Ukrainian Research Center of Children’s and Youth Literature (URCCYL)

An integral part of the activities of the URCCYL is the creation of professional scientific dialogue in the field of children's and youth literature. This important area, declared in the Constitution of the Centre, consolidates Ukrainian scientists and experts of reading promoting as a cultural value and directs them to thorough and multi aspect studying of literary works for children and youth.

The URCCYL is found on 11. September 2009 in Lviv (Ukraine) by Uliana Baran, PhD. The URCCYL consists of representatives of researchers, scientists, writers, publishers, librarians, higher academic circles, universities, institutes, departments, centers, public organizations, editorial boards etc. from all around the Ukraine.

Main lecturers of URCCYL are:

International Symposium “Literature. Children. Time”

The publication of Centre's own professional periodicals "Literature. Children. Time. Journal of Ukrainian Research Center of Children and Youth Literature" promotes the formation of a broad professional dialogue, directed to the development of scientific discourse on the problems of children’s literature.

The Journal provides scientists with a platform for lighting the results of their research and interpersonal professional communication as a result of the annual International Symposium “Literature. Children. Time” organized by URCCYL since 2010 in the different cities of Ukraine.

Socio-cultural movement “All of Ukraine Reads to Kids”

To promote the reading as a cultural value the URCCYL is providing its main socio-cultural project "All of Ukraine Reads to Kids". It includes such mini-promoting projects like “Creative Reading”, “Multilingual Reading”, “Readings Clubs for Teenagers”, “School Readings”, “Interactive Readings”, sociocu etc.

The idea of the project is to address to the adults the main message:

Read to your child 20 minutes every day!

"“Read to your child 20 minutes every day! The book is an important cause of forming your child’s personality, but the parents play the most important part. Parents who read their children at least 20 minutes every day fix warm relationships on different layers at the same time: the children have your physical contact, are hearing your voice and the sound of it; this creates and strengthens the relationship between you and your child effectively. Ukrainian children nowadays particularly need emotional warmth, love, a mindful sense of security and mutual confidence in a fraught situation of our country. And reading a good story definitely will provide children with a restful sleep, balance the nervous system and will lead to fantasies into beautiful worlds, worlds with parents, relatives and friends”"
(Dr. Uliana Baran, president of URCCYL )

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